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How to use the packing machine correctly

Type:News | Updatetime:2021-04-26 16:10:00

When the baler is used, how to use it reasonably can be regarded as the correct use. As a professional Shandong automatic baler manufacturer, the editor will take everyone to understand together.
1. First of all, we should confirm that the power supply of the baler is of several phases. Don't use it wrongly, and the power cord should be grounded, and leakage protection should be done to prevent accidents;
2. Do not reach into the machine when operating the baler to prevent accidents. If we really want to repair the machine, we must cut off the power supply;
3. The environment where the baler is used should not be humid to prevent the occurrence of leakage;
4. There is a heating sheet on the strapping machine, which is mainly used to heat and bond the strapping. Our operators should not reach the position of the heating sheet to prevent burns;
5. When the machine is not in use, please rewind the tape in the storage bin to the reel to avoid deformation in the next use.
6. Do not stick oil on the surface of the conveyor roller
7. Remember to unplug the power when the machine is not in use to prevent accidents
8. Do not change the parts on the machine at will. If there are parts that need to be replaced on the baler, we must repair them by professional maintenance personnel instead of blindly repairing them.
9. The main parts should be lubricated with oil frequently. Speed up lubrication between parts
10. Develop corresponding safety operating procedures, and operators must operate in accordance with the operating procedures to ensure safety.
The above is about how the automatic packing machine should be used correctly. If you don't understand anything later, you can continue to pay attention to us!

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