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How to adjust the automatic baler during use

Type:News | Updatetime:2021-04-26 16:09:38

If you want to adjust the automatic baler during the use process, how to adjust it, some details of the knowledge need our attention, as a Shandong automatic baler manufacturer, how to adjust, the editor summarizes the following points, one Get up and find out!
1. Need to adjust the strapping tightness of the strapping machine. There are general instructions for the method. We need to open the countertop, and the operator will loosen the hexagonal screw on the large nut A by hand. If it needs to be tightened, turn it clockwise, otherwise, loosen it. When the tightness we require is reached, tighten the hex screws again.
2. It is necessary to adjust the temperature of the ironing head of the strapping machine, which has a great influence on the quality of bonding at the joint position of the strapping. Generally speaking, packing straps are made of polypropylene. In order to make the joints stronger, the buttons should generally be placed in positions 3-5. If you want to know whether the temperature of the iron is appropriate, you can check the quality of adhesion or traces on the surface of the iron. If there are white traces on the surface of the iron, it means that the temperature is too high and needs to be adjusted; if there are traces of moisture on the surface of the iron, it means that the temperature is obviously too low, and appropriate adjustments should be made.
3. The length of the feeding belt needs to be adjusted. The length of the feeding belt is related to the feeding belt length adjuster on the front panel. If the belt is too short, it is easy to trap the operator's hands, which is very dangerous. You need to grab the belt with your hands and pull the belt out along the belt feeding direction. This requires us to adjust the length of the belt to ensure that the strapping work can proceed normally.
4. Need to adjust the width of the strap and the joint opening. When we want to change straps of different widths, this step is necessary. If the left and right inserting slots are too wide, it will cause the strapping machine to have uneven straps at the joints of the straps after strapping; if the left and right inserting slots are too narrow, it will cause difficulty in inserting the straps. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment in this regard. The width of the general slot is required to be 0.5-1mm wider than the width of the belt.

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