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Saxo balers manufacturers analyze why the automatic balers will have bonding fai

Type:News | Updatetime:2021-03-26 10:33:52

When the automatic baler is used, how should we deal with the bonding failures that occur? As a Shandong automatic baler manufacturer, the editor will take everyone to learn how to solve the bonding failure of the automatic baler!
1. A very common reason is that the temperature of the baler's ironing head is not enough. The temperature of the ironing head of the automatic baler is adjusted too low, or the use time is too long, and the waste of the packing tape stuck on it is not cleaned in time, which will affect the bonding effect. The solution is relatively simple, just increase the temperature of the ironing head, or Just clean the attachments on the surface of the ironing head.
2. Insufficient voltage can also cause the strapping to fail to be glued. The voltage of the strapping machine is generally 380V, and some workshops cannot reach this voltage value, so they cannot provide sufficient power for the automatic strapping machine to work. In addition, the extension of the cable will also cause the problem of low voltage. If it does so for a long time, it will wear the internal parts of the baler.
3. The rupture of the 635 bearing under the knife in the automatic baler will also cause the tape to fail to bond.
4. Improper position of the electric heating steel sheet will also make it impossible to heat up, so it must be adjusted according to the actual production situation.

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