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Does Saxo teach you how to pack the packer?

Type:News | Updatetime:2021-03-26 10:33:23

After the baler is purchased, how is the baling done when the baling is carried out, and what is the specific baling process? As a professional automatic baler manufacturer, I will take everyone to understand the baler packaging process. The packing process of the packing machine is composed of four links: feeding, tightening, cutting, and pasting.
During the belt feeding process, the belt feeding wheel rotates counterclockwise, and the friction between the toothed belt wheel and the packing belt is used to make the packing belt advance along the packing belt path until the end of the packing belt hits the micro switch of the stopper , So that the packing tape is stopped, and it is in the position to be packed.
In the process of tightening the strap, the right paw rises to press the end of the strap, and the feeding wheel rotates clockwise. The friction force is also used to make the strap withdraw along the rail frame. At this time, the blades in the rail are retracting from the strap. Under the action of pulling force, it is released, so that the packing belt is continuously withdrawn until it is close to the surface of the package, and the tensioning arm swings downwards to completely tighten the packing belt.
The next step is the cutting and ironing process. The left jaw rises and presses the two layers of packing belts. The isolation table exits and the ironing head follows up. The two ends of the packing belt are heated. This is when the pressure block rises and cuts the packing belt.
Then there is the pasting process. The ironing head exits the actual position, and the pressure block continues to rise, and the two layers are pressed together with the heated packing tape to complete the packing action.

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