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How does the baler handle the cutter

Type:News | Updatetime:2021-02-24 09:39:37

The cutters of the baler are divided into left, middle and right cutters. These three cutters must move up and down freely in the cavity seat, otherwise they cannot be packaged normally, so their cleaning and maintenance are very important. The cleaning methods are as follows:
1. Remove the tension springs on the middle knife and the right knife;
2. Move the upper sliding plate slightly back, first take out the middle knife and then the right knife;
3. Wipe clean the middle knife, right knife and the inside of the cavity seat;
4. Install the right knife first, then the middle knife, and install the spring;
5. Add a little lighter lubricating oil around the middle knife, right knife and left knife;
6. If the machine is used for a long time and the middle knife and the right knife cannot cut the packing belt, the middle knife can be moved closer to the right knife, but the middle knife must be able to move up and down freely.

At the same time, the baler must ensure the following maintenance work to better extend the service life of the fully automatic baler:

1. Keep the inside of the machine clean and dry at all times.

2. Do not place wet or messy objects on the machine table.

3. Avoid rolling the power cord, and rewind it when not in use.

4. To maintain the normal operation of the machine, use positive material strapping.

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