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Opening machine equipment related information

Type:News | Updatetime:2021-01-23 10:05:00

Large-scale opening unit newly developed and produced in China. The machine is equipped with different opening rollers such as comb needles, sawtooth angle nails and multiple sets of lickers. Can be used for a variety of materials to open. Such as chemical fiber, fiber, cotton, wool, rag head. (Because of the high power, it has the best effect on the opening of dry linen, scrap, scraps, rags and other materials).

The degree of loosening of the fiber material by the opening mechanism is usually expressed by the number of hits per fiber length of the fiber layer fed by the roller or the number of hits per gram of the fiber layer. Increasing the number of hits within a certain range can improve the opening quality of the fiber raw material. However, the number of hits is too large, which may cause fiber damage and fragmentation of impurities, resulting in an increase in fiber defects and affecting yarn quality. It will get better and better and more and more successful.

The packing density of raw materials for opening machines is generally 200-650 kg/m3, and the packing density of raw cotton in China is about 330-400 kg/m3. In order to spun a fine spun yarn, it is first necessary to release the raw material, remove various impurities, and uniformly mix. The opening quality of the fiber raw material has an important influence on the semi-finished product and the quality of the yarn and the saving of the material.

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