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Precautions for purchasing side bale balers

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The side bale baler is a special one in the baler. The machine itself does not carry the goods, but relies on the cooperation with other equipment to achieve the packing. Generally, the drum line is commonly used. It is said to be special because the machine has restrictions on the size requirements of the items, and there are restrictions on the weight of the package, etc., the precautions for purchasing the side bale type baler:
1. Shorter items cannot be bundled. What is a shorter item? How to define it? Why should it be defined like this? This is because the bonding point of the side bale baler is located 600mm above the ground, so if the goods are below this point, it cannot be baled unless the user makes the conveying table high, but the frame must be high. So it is not very feasible.
2. Heavier items require a guiding device. The so-called heavier items refer to the items that cannot be pulled by the strapping belt when the baler is being bundled. These items are called heavier items, and such items cannot be closed when packed. On the deck of the baler, the strap will be loose after the package is completed, so a guide is required to hold the item against the side of the baler before the item enters the baler, thus solving.
3, the frame can not be attached to the ground. The frame of the side bale baler is height from the ground. This height is also limited. It is not that it can be placed directly on the ground. Generally, the value is 180mm.
Maintenance and lubrication of side bale balers
The raw material of the packing belt is polypropylene. If the material is hot or open fire, it will be deformed. Please do not touch it and burn it near the explosives. Please take care of it carefully so that if there is any bending or deformation of the packing belt of the enamel, the machine may be caused to be unable to pack properly. Cleaning the baler and lubricating oil is the trick of the service life of the machine. The baler is easy to produce the packaged powder or debris package due to friction during the process, and it will accumulate in the internal space such as the movement and electrical components. on. When it is found that there is more dust in the internal space of the machine, it should be removed in time, at least once a week. (Power off when cleaning)
Weekly-time maintenance procedures
Open the panel, use the gas to blow the dust, and clean the inside with the oil.
1. The upper and lower skateboards are moved.
2. Electric head movement.
3. Three holes in the knife.
Check all spring tensions without re-adjustment.
Check the flexibility of the stock balance bar with a simple movement.
Check the package with a few packages, pay attention to visible and audible faults, and check for proper operation.
Maintenance procedures once a month (or after packing 100,000 bales):
1. Check if the bearings of the movement are flexible.
2. Whether the belt roller is flexible.
3. Whether the temperature of the electric heating head changes.
4. Whether the gear is worn.
5. Is the spring force correct?
Maintenance procedures every six months (or after packing 600,000 bales):
Check the heating unit and replace if necessary. Check if the PC board connector is reliable.
Check each switch function.
Maintenance procedures once a year (or after packing 1,200,000 bales):
Clean internal parts and add lubricant.

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