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6MR-141 sawing machine

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“Shengbaote” brand 6MR-141 sawing and stripping machine is mainly used for the stripping of wool cottonseed in ginning factory or oil mill. The main function is to make the velvet wool linters into the stripping machine work box. Under the barrier of the ribs, the rotating saw blade is scraped to achieve the purpose of separating the cottonseed and the short pile.
    This machine is a new product developed by our company using domestic advanced technology. Its characteristics are: maximum processing, good quality of short velvet, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, stable and reliable operation, leading position in domestic similar products, cotton The ideal product for processing and stripping equipment.
    Main Specifications:
    When the third-stage seed cotton is embossed, the cottonseed hair rate is 0.4-0.6%, the cashmere rate is ≥12%, and the water content is ≤12%.
    (1) The total amount of cashmere produced at the time of film is ≥0.15kg
    (2) 100 kilograms of short velvet power consumption ≤ 60kw / h
    (3) Reference cottonseed processing capacity
    Head velvet: 1000-1400kg/set; two velvet: 500-800kg/set; three velvet: 450-600kg/set
    Saw blade speed: one 860 rpm, two lanes, three lanes 880 rpm
    Brush shaft speed: 1400 rpm
    Seeding roller speed: one 480 rpm, two lanes, three lanes 710 rpm
    Dust cage speed: 0.53 rev / min
    Equipped with power: saw shaft 11KW, brush 5.5KW
    Dimensions: 2485*1300*1600mm
    Machine weight: 2000kg

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