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About US

 Gaomi Shengbaote Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has strong technical strength and economic foundation, modern processing equipment, scientific management concept and network management. Our factory is located in Gaomi City between Qingdao and Weifang, there is a highway in the north, surrounded by the sea on three sides, with beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and convenient transportation. It has unique environmental advantages and superior development conditions.
Over the years, all employees of our factory have been united in the same spirit. Based on the tenet of "survive by quality, develop by credit", we specialize in producing large-scale cotton processing equipment and various kinds of clearing machine according to customer needs. In 2006, "Sheng Bao Te Technology" was established to develop a new type of clearing machine. Finally, in August 2008, the company successfully listed the energy-saving 400-3A clearing carding machine. In 2010, the energy-saving 1390 opening machine was successfully designed and manufactured according to the characteristics and experience of cotton processing machinery in this province and other provinces. It meets the requirements of high output and low consumption, and has the advantages of compact machine, convenient operation, good dust discharge and safe production. Deeply loved by the majority of customers, it has become an innovative manufacturer of clearing machine in China.